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AFK Queue Tool

By Nsgr(Trusted developer)

Do anything you want while waiting for your match! Includes ranking, squadding and more!

Download Indicator

By Nsgr(Trusted developer)

A user-friendly overview of what's going on in the background while you are playing!

ManiaExchange Button

By Nsgr(Trusted developer)

Get a button to view the current map on MX!

Joinbug Workaround

By Nsgr(Trusted developer)

Get around being randomly stuck when joining a server by force-rejoining using this plugin!

(Twitch Controls) Chaos Mode

By Nsgr(Trusted developer)

Unleash Chaos in your Trackmania world - play alone, together and even against your Twitch Chat on pre-selected or random MX maps!

Metal Pipe Sound Effect

By Nsgr(Trusted developer)

Replaces all UI sounds with the Metal Pipe Sound Effect

Twitch Base

By Nsgr(Trusted developer)

Twitch Integration made easy. This plugin offers an event queue to use the Twitch IRC API without needing to worry about networking and connection - and it can be used by multiple plugins at the same time while just needing a single connect...

Prevent Shadow Cutoffs

By Nsgr(Trusted developer)

Get rid of the visible shadow-cutoff on Very High settings by scaling out the shadow render texture!

Twitch Chat Viewer

By Nsgr(Trusted developer)

A little example plugin to show what the Twitch Base can do. Just some sort of tech-demo, less of a complete plugin. :)