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Important: Don't queue / use the Nadeo Matchmaking Menu and this overlay at the same time! You may queue independently but not mix them together! Please report bugs like script errors to Nsgr on Discord and enjoy!

This tool allows you to do what you want while being in the queue for Matchmaking. It can show your rank, points, can automatically accept found matches for you. It supports many different features and with version 2.0, the plugin has been completely rewritten. Over 3900 lines of code and 200 hours of work went into this rewrite when 2.0 got published.

>v2.2.3 Changelog:

  • See changelog page

v2.2.3 Changelog:

  • Adjusted plugin for new match API reply format
  • Changed error message for when the API returns an invalid leaderboard status
  • other small improvements

v2.2 Changelog:

  • Re-enable Super Royal queueing as I see that it was useful cause otherwise you would need to catch the timespan in front of the event
  • More stability for Authentication tokens
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

v2.1.2 Changelog:

  • Load Audio data at startup and just replay during runtime towards resolving a weird audio bug with Openplanet's Audio API.

v2.1 Changelog:

  • Stats tab now links to player page
  • Use the new Openplanet Audio API for equal sound volume in all sound environments
  • Mute all errors / warnings
  • ...but they have the new fancy message style now!
  • Fix MM division not showing correctly (was because of added division rule types)
  • Fix 404 when not being in a squad (Nadeo seems to have changed the API)
  • Remove Super Royal as that got its own kinda queue system now

v2.0 Beta 7.1 Changelog:

  • TM / Openplanet update fix

v2.0 Beta 7 Changelog:

  • Support new API stuff

v2.0 Beta 6 Changelog:

  • Bugfixes for notification types previously not handled
  • Support new Nadeo API stuff
  • Some other improvements all around, from error messages to queue status support (whether a queue is under maintenance)

v2.0 Beta 5 Changelog:

  • Bugfixes for Royal
  • Squad Invitation checkbox to control whether squad management and queue should be managed by the plugin or by the native menu.

v2.0 Beta 4 Changelog:

  • Support Royal
  • Support Party codes
  • Support new queue match finding procedure
  • New .op file format (installation instructions below download button)

v2.0 Beta 3 Changelog:

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements in request amount to
  • Remove ability to create a docking of the main and invite window which would make the plugin unstable
  • Changes that hopefully get rid of a bug that caused outdated team states to be sent to the queue, resulting in "pending for partners" even tho everyone was queueing or joining different matches. Didn't have the time and friends to debug this properly so its a very hot fix

v2.0 Beta 2 Changelog:

  • Bugfixes and stuff
  • Add window to display if the plugin is installed incorrectly (by unzipping inthe wrong folder)
  • Refresh buttons improved on the leaderboard and on the squad
  • Added some tooltips and a setting to mute silent warnings if you really want to

v2.0 Beta Changelog:

  • SUPPORT SQUADS (play with non-plugin players in a team!)
  • Support Rank icons
  • NEW UI
  • New method of getting input to check auto accept timeouts
  • More detailed messages on non-fatal errors
  • New ways to invite people
  • Much more stability
  • .. and much more (I cant explain them all rn)

v1.9 Changelog:

  • Queue up together by adding each other in your "Play with" list in the Party tab! Once you queued all up, the status will switch from "Pending" to "Queued".

v1.8.9 Changelog:

  • Workaround for softlock when joining server from Solo ESC menu
  • Not sending an API request to leaderboard upon game startup
  • Add settings option to hide green menu when playing without auto-accept upon request
  • Add support for a future queue ID change if the upcoming season will do something to that (better safe than sorry, unless they modify even more)
  • Differentiate queue sounds and initial stats creation
  • Get BONKed if you miss more than 1 mathch because you are AFK or didnt accept in time (I thought this was implemented by Nadeo some weeks ago already but it turns out that it wasnt lol)

v1.8.4 Changelog:

  • Minor fixes and improvements. (in good ol' Trackmania fashion)

v1.8.3 Changelog:

  • On Auto-Accept, you now have to "do anything" to accept a match. This is to prevent accepting a match while, for example, being away for dinner.
  • The window now flashes once a match is found, just like the Nadeo-Queue
  • Fixed a bug where auto-retry misinterpreted joining any online server as joining your matchserver - you should now be correctly redirected!

v1.8 Changelog:

  • View a list of your past recorded matches and get detailed stats about them on!
  • Minor fixes and adjustments

v1.7.4 Changelog:

  • (almost) ENDLESS leaderboards thanks to the Matchmaking integration!

v1.7.2 Changelogs:

  • Another case regarded with not even sending valid JSON as response.

v1.7.1 Changelogs:

  • Added quick error handling in case of faulty responses from Nadeo's API. The plugin will now try to keep the communication up if it gets a weird response instead of breaking down.
  • Removed "Start Queueing" button while in match - this way you also know when you are safe to leave from the Match API side of things.
  • Fix error when trying to get a ranking on a queue you never played before

v1.7 Changelog:

  • Should support showing the "banned" status with end time
  • Add communication indicator at the Timer
  • Enable support for multiple queues (for future stuff)

v1.6.2 Changelog:

  • Holes in the leaderboard will now move between updates aswell
  • Adapt for newly found match bug so its possible to requeue after

v1.6 Changelog:

  • Fix bug with Timezone detection by making it automatic and cool! You don't need to set anything anymore.
  • But you can now set your notification volume in the settings!
  • Leaderboard now uses new JSON API of tmranking
  • Leaderboard display now has holes where no rank is known
  • Timer now has a proper display format

v1.5 Changelog:

  • Top 100 leaderboard (integration of tmranking GitHub)
  • Play a sound when a match is found (can be turned off in the Plugin Settings)
  • Fixed rare bug when the Matchmaking API wouldn't notice an Auto-Accept request
  • Minor UI improvements

v1.4 Changelog:

  • Stats tracking! The Plugin now keeps track of your matches' maps and your point / rank gains! You can view them as a graph for the total or daily progress.
  • For the daily stats, you can set a timezone in the OP settings (F3 for Overlay -> Openplanet -> Settings -> AFK Queue Tool) for when it should reset.
  • No more sitting in the main menu and being dissapointed about declines! On Auto-Accept, you will just get a notification in the top left for a found match and get kicked when everyone accepted.
  • Better UI! :Clean:

v1.2 Changelog:

  • Countdown to Match Expiration (for bugged matches)
  • Checkbox to requeue once match is over (for bugged matches)
  • (also: now shows script version in window title)

v1.1 Changelog:

  • Added a button to copy the Match ID to clipboard - easy to report to Nadeo now!

Have fun!


2.5.6 - 3 months ago

  • Display points in top left corner when hovering over a players' history graph
  • Minor bugfixes

2.5.3 - 3 months ago

  • Minor bugfixes for the new match view

2.5.2 - 3 months ago

  • Fixed Point / Division stats in match view
  • Added live scores to match view
  • Redesigned match view
  • Now pinging the match server to whether its already up (requires being in menu) (this fixes the "Cannot find server..." dialogs)

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