AFK Queue Tool

A plugin by Nsgr(Trusted developer)

AFK Queue Tool
Downloads 79,171
Updated 14 days ago
Released 3 years ago
Created 3 years ago
Numeric ID 71
Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game Trackmania

Important: Don't queue / use the Nadeo Matchmaking Menu and this overlay at the same time! You may queue independently but not mix them together! Please report bugs like script errors to Nsgr on Discord and enjoy!

This tool allows you to do what you want while being in the queue for Matchmaking. It can show your rank, points, can automatically accept found matches for you. It supports many different features and with version 2.0, the plugin has been completely rewritten. Over 3900 lines of code and 200 hours of work went into this rewrite when 2.0 got published.

Have fun!


2.5.10 - 14 days ago

  • Fix UI-related issues leading to assertion failures
  • Fix Royal team display showing empty teams
  • Update Refresh button location in Leaderboard

2.5.9 - 7 months ago

  • Add support for squad types (which menu a created squad will be seen in)
  • Add a few more heartbeat statuses (Canceled because crossplay, old game ver, etc.)
  • Fix for receiving prestige during matches interfering with the notification observer
  • Minor stuff

2.5.6 - 11 months ago

  • Display points in top left corner when hovering over a players' history graph
  • Minor bugfixes

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