Better Room Manager

A plugin by XertroV(Trusted developer)

Better Room Manager
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Released 1 year ago
Created 1 year ago
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Min. Openplanet 1.26.23
Game Trackmania

Better Room Manager

Better Room Manager is an alternate management UI for Club rooms that works for Creators, Admins, and Content Creators┬╣.

It currently supports:

  • creating and editing rooms
  • saving and loading presets of room configurations (excludes: room name, maps, and whether the room is passworded)
  • script options: add hidden options, modify existing, load defaults, and documentation links
  • adding known maps (in your Trackmania\Maps folder) -- search by name or browse by folder
  • adding random TMX maps within some constraints (length (seconds) and difficulty)
  • adding maps from TMX via IDs or Map Pack ID (will auto-upload maps to nadeo if required)
  • reorder maps or shuffle
  • toggle room active status
  • use club rooms with additional game modes

Launch it from the Plugins menu ("Better Room Manager")

[1]: Content Creators can only see active rooms. They can edit any active room and can create new rooms. They can also deactivate rooms, but this is behind a safety switch to avoid them locking themselves out of a room.


License: Public Domain

Authors: XertroV

Suggestions/feedback: @XertroV on Openplanet discord



For Devs: Exports Example Usage (v0.2.0+)

void SetNextRoom() {
    status = "Loading Map " + loadNextId + " / " + loadNextUid;
    auto builder = BRM::CreateRoomBuilder(clubId, roomId)
    auto resp = builder.SaveRoom();
    status += "\nSaved Room maps + time limit... Waiting 5s";
    log_trace('Room request returned: ' + Json::Write(resp));
    int limit = -1;
    status = "Adjusting room time limit to " + limit;
    status = "Room finalized, awaiting map change...";
    status = "Done";
    currState = GameState::Running;
    S_LastTmxID = loadNextId;

Exports (v0.2.0+)


CreateRoomBuilder -- IRoomSettingsBuilder@ CreateRoomBuilder(uint clubId, uint roomId)

Create an IRoomSettingsBuilder object for a given club and room

GameModeFromStr -- GameMode GameModeFromStr(const string &in modeStr)

Returns a BRM::GameMode based on the script path, e.g., "TrackMania/TM_Cup_Online.Script.txt"

GameModeToFullModeString -- const string GameModeToFullModeString(GameMode m)

Returns a scirpt path, e.g., "TrackMania/TM_Cup_Online.Script.txt", for a given BRM::GameMode

GetCurrentServerInfo -- ServerInfo@ GetCurrentServerInfo(CGameCtnApp@ app, bool waitForClubId = true)

Returns some basic info for the current server, including Club and Room IDs. Yields if waitForClubId=true otherwise might return null if club/room ID detection is still loading.

GetModeSettingType -- string GetModeSettingType(const string &in settingName)

Get the setting type (integer, bool, text) for a given setting, e.g., S_TimeLimit

GetMyClubs -- const Json::Value@ GetMyClubs()

Returns a JSON Array of JSON Objects. The format is equivalent to under .clubList in the payload returned by There are some additional fields, like nameSafe, tagSafe, and isAdmin (dump the json object for everything)

GetRoomInfoFromAPI -- Json::Value@ GetRoomInfoFromAPI(uint clubId, uint roomId)

Get a room info from the API.

IsInAServer -- bool IsInAServer(CGameCtnApp@ app)

Returns true if the client is connected to a server

JoinServer -- void JoinServer(uint clubId, uint roomId, const string &in password = "")

Join a server by getting the joinlink for a given club and room


BRM::GameMode (enum)

  • Unknown
  • Cup
  • Knockout
  • Laps
  • Teams
  • TimeAttack
  • Rounds
  • RoyalTimeAttack
  • TMWTTeams
  • TMWTMatchmaking
  • TeamsMatchmaking
  • TimeAttackDaily
  • KnockoutDaily
  • COTDQualifications
  • CupClassic
  • ChampionSpring2022
  • MultiTeams
  • HeadToHead
  • Final42TMGL

BRM::IRoomSettingsBuilder (interface)


AddMaps -- IRoomSettingsBuilder@ AddMaps(const array<string> &in maps)

Add a map to the rooms map list

LoadCurrentSettingsAsync -- IRoomSettingsBuilder@ LoadCurrentSettingsAsync()

Populate based on current room settings. This function may yield.

GetCurrentSettingsJson -- Json::Value@ GetCurrentSettingsJson()

Get the current raw settings json object (which is mutable). Call LoadCurrentSettingsAsync first to load current settings.

GoToNextMapAndThenSetTimeLimit -- IRoomSettingsBuilder@ GoToNextMapAndThenSetTimeLimit(const string &in mapUid, int limit = -1, int ct = 1)

This will yield! An easy 'go to next map' command for club rooms in TimeAttack mode. Duration is 5s + 2 http requests to nadeo.

GetModeSetting -- string GetModeSetting(const string &in key)

Gets a game mode setting's current value. Throws if it does not exist.

HasModeSetting -- bool HasModeSetting(const string &in key)

Whether a game mode setting exists (note: you probably want to call LoadCurrentSettingsAsync first)

SaveRoom -- Json::Value@ SaveRoom()

saves the room and returns the result; will yield internally

SaveRoomInCoro -- IRoomSettingsBuilder@ SaveRoomInCoro()

Save the room; returns immediately

SetChatTime -- IRoomSettingsBuilder@ SetChatTime(int ct)

Set the chat time (seconds)

SetLoadingScreenUrl -- IRoomSettingsBuilder@ SetLoadingScreenUrl(const string &in url)

Set the loading screen image URL

SetMaps -- IRoomSettingsBuilder@ SetMaps(const array<string> &in maps)

Set the rooms map list

SetMode -- IRoomSettingsBuilder@ SetMode(GameMode mode, bool withDefaultSettings = false)

Set the room game mode

SetModeSetting -- IRoomSettingsBuilder@ SetModeSetting(const string &in key, const string &in value)

Set a game mode setting (e.g., S_TimeLimit)

SetName -- IRoomSettingsBuilder@ SetName(const string &in name)

Set the room name

SetPlayerLimit -- IRoomSettingsBuilder@ SetPlayerLimit(uint limit)

Set the room player limit (1 - 100)

SetTimeLimit -- IRoomSettingsBuilder@ SetTimeLimit(int limit)

Set the time limit (seconds)

BRM::ServerInfo (class)


clubId -- int clubId
login -- string login
name -- string name
roomId -- int roomId


0.2.8 - 2 days ago

  • Add legacy modes CupLong, CupShort, RoundsBoulet
  • handle some possible errors during room creation

0.2.7 - 18 days ago

  • Update text color stuff for openplanet compat
  • Check for dedicated server and disallow editing, show error (thanks w1lla)
  • Show club image & verification status when hovering club (thanks w1lla)
  • Remove some unused code

0.2.5 - 4 months ago

  • Fix for openplanet 1.26.14

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