Dips++ (official Deep Dip 2 plugin)

A plugin by XertroV(Trusted developer)

Dips++ (official Deep Dip 2 plugin)
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Updated 9 days ago
Released 2 months ago
Created 4 months ago
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Min. Openplanet 1.26.25
Game Trackmania

Can you hear the thunder...


The official companion plugin for Deep Dip 2.

Plugin features include:

  • Voice lines + subtitles for each floor
  • Additional lore
  • Height Tracker
  • PB Tracker
  • Falls Tracker
  • Jump Speed Indicator
  • Over 400 Collectables
  • Floor Gang Celebrator
  • Loading Screens
  • A Main Menu Surprise

Maps other than Deep Dip 2

You can enable Dips++ for other maps (no leaderboard, but stats and minimap aka dip stick will show).

To do so, mappers should add a 'Dips Spec' to their map comment. (For maps already published, create one and then DM it to XertroV with the map UID and it can be uploaded to a place the plugin checks.)

Dips Spec Example

-- Dips++ Custom Map example; comments using `--`, `//` or `#`
--   * Structured as `<key> = <value>` pairs.
-- `url` is optional; this is where features like custom triggers,
--   asset lists, etc will go in future.
url = https://assets.xk.io/d++maps/deepdip1-spec.json

-- start and finish will be inferred if not present based on map waypoint locations.
start = 26.0
finish = 1970.0

-- floors start at 00 for the ground and increase from there. If you miss a number,
--   it will be set to a height of -1.0.
floor00 = 4.0
floor01 = 138
floor02 = 266.0
floor03 = 394.0
floor04 = 522.0
floor05 = 650.0
floor06 = 816.0
floor07 = 906.0
floor08 = 1026.0
floor09 = 1170.0
floor10 = 1296.0
floor11 = 1426.0
floor12 = 1554.0
floor13 = 1680.0
floor14 = 1824.0
floor15 = 1938.0

-- if true, the last floor's label will be 'End' instead of '15' or whatever floor it is.
--   (default: false)
lastFloorEnd = true

-- Blank lines are ignored.
-- Anything outside the BEGIN and END markers is ignored.


API & Data

Data disclaimer: This plugin will transmit data to the Dips++ server for the duration of the Deep Dip 2 event such as activity within the Deep Dip 2 map, in similar maps, and random samples.

Deep Dip 2 data is available via the Dips++ server. Some very brief documentation about available routes is found here: https://dips-plus-plus.xk.io/api/routes.

More endpoints will be added over the coming days.


0.5.2 - 9 days ago

  • Add support for DD2 CP versions
  • Enable "secret" VL for everyone (note: to set a custom avatar for finish fanfare animation (Bren, eLconn, Hazard, Lars had their twitch avatars at the end) replace PluginStorage/dips-plus-plus/sec/img/fanfare-self.png with a 60x60 png (transparency supported).
  • Add BFAMCPs floor info
  • Reduce chatter with server
  • Fix loading remote dips specs
  • Fix replaying voice lines sometimes not playing / only playing audio / only showing subs
  • Fix subtitle typo (end VL 'works' -> 'words')
  • Fix use of deprecated color formatting functions

0.5.1 - 18 days ago

  • Fix locking map file when editor tries to save map
  • sleep/yield bug mitigation

0.5.0 - 23 days ago

  • Add Finish sequence (works in server and campaign/local)
  • Show number of finishes in stats
  • Change "Floor 17" name in voice lines tab to "Epilogue"

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