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4 days ago

Download 1.2.7

Requires at least Openplanet 1.26.0

  • Updated NadeoServices to the Meet API


2 months ago

Download 1.2.6

Requires at least Openplanet 1.26.0

  • Makes MP4 use SingleMap as the gamemode for playing a TM map instead of the engine's fallback (#21)
  • Fixes all warnings and sanity checks


4 months ago

Download 1.2.5

Requires at least Openplanet 1.25.9

  • Added EnvironmentName and VehicleName along with TitlePack on ManiaPlanet (#19)
  • Added Environement filtering on map search (#20)


5 months ago

Download 1.2.4

Requires at least Openplanet 1.25.9

  • Separated to multi routines on Main (get rid of unbound function when Better Chat is broken)


6 months ago

Download 1.2.3

Requires at least Openplanet 1.25.9

  • Added ability to edit maps (#18)


9 months ago

Download 1.2.2

Requires at least Openplanet 1.25.9

  • Fixed infinite loop to Nadeo Services while fetching favorite maps (Thanks Tsurenas)


10 months ago

Download 1.2.1

Requires at least Openplanet 1.25.9

  • Fixed map downloads that output no names on it, causing overwrites. (#14)


10 months ago

Download 1.2.0

Requires at least Openplanet 1.25.9

  • Added "Award this map on TMX" (#13)
  • Added possibility to load maps to a Nadeo-hosted club Room


1 year ago

Download 1.1.6

Requires at least Openplanet 1.25.9

  • Replace old TimeFormat() method to Openplanet's Time::Format(), fixes wrong time displayed on leaderboards (#12)
  • Fixes crashes when entering a invalid map ID from the input menu (#11)
  • Add refresh button on all map list tabs (#10)
  • Fixes fetching current map while entering test mode or validate mode on map editor


1 year ago

Download 1.1.5

Requires at least Openplanet 1.25.9

  • Re-signed for RCADIA


1 year ago

Download 1.1.4

Requires at least Openplanet 1.25.0

  • Add possibility to have player names on favorite maps even if the map is not on ManiaExchange [TM2020]
  • Add GetCurrentMapID(), GetCurrentMapInfo() & GetMapInfoAsync(int mapID) Exports
  • Added ability to sort by tag list by most awarded (#9)
  • Fixed developer warnings for Openplanet 1.25


1 year ago

Download 1.1.3

Requires at least Openplanet 1.24.0

  • Add multiple tags search (#8)
  • Removed check display name from
  • Add exceptions when api is down


1 year ago

Download 1.1.2

Requires at least Openplanet 1.24.0

  • Fixes "bad request" error because of a too long url for MX on favorites map (by reducing the number of map uid to 5 per request)
  • Fixes doing same request to MX on favorites map
  • Replace isDevMode to Openplanet developer mode instead of using a folder


1 year ago

Download 1.1.1

Requires at least Openplanet 1.24.0

  • Replace NadeoServices GetDisplayName to a request (Fixes game crash)


1 year ago

Download 1.1.0

Requires at least Openplanet 1.24.0


  • Add User Info Tab, click on a username to see their profile
  • Add integration with the favorite map tab in-game (Play>Local>Map>Favorites) [TM2020 only]
  • Added tooltips to map, map pack, and user info (below the thumbnail)
  • Added offline leaderboard on map info (top 25 replays on MX)
  • Added "Embedded Objects" tab on map info with a link to ItemExchange plugin
  • Added "Open in file explorer" button after downloading a map or map pack
  • Clicking on the map name on search results will now link to map info tab
  • Pointing on the map name on search results will show a tooltip with the map thumbnail
  • Added errors on web images, if any image can't load, a error message will be displayed

Fixes / Changes

  • Fixes Permissions crash on Maniaplanet
  • Changing repository ( / on Maniaplanet will no longer requires a plugin reload
  • Reloading the datas after a "website is down" event will no longer requires a plugin reload
  • Replaced old dialog messages system to better Modal Dialogs

Side note, thanks for the +10k downloads 🎉


1 year ago

Download 1.0.7

Requires at least Openplanet 1.24.0

  • Fix for newest Openplent update
  • Added map pack downloads (#6)
  • Set plugin timeout to 0
  • Add Open website button
  • Added ShowMapPackInfo(int mapPackId) export
  • Added permission check on PlayMap


2 years ago

Download 1.0.6
  • Fix duplicate crash


2 years ago

Download 1.0.5
  • Updated Downloader backend to IO::FromUserGameFolder (this could suppress "Invalid Map Folder" sometimes)
  • Added Better Chat commands: List of commands are available on the Plugin page
  • Added Map Name on dropdown menu instead of "Current Map Information"

Full Changelog:


2 years ago

Download 1.0.4
  • Improved performance on all lists (to fix the "laggy plugin" warning when displaying long lists)
  • Fixed ImGui IDs


2 years ago

Download 1.0.3


  • Added changelog tab on Home
  • Added window style
  • Added VehicleName to MapInfo
  • Replace any maps containing the "Royal" tag by checking the map type (a map can be of type Race even if it contains the "Royal" tag)
  • Possibility to load any map type (if it's supported, So it supports loading Shootmania Obstacle maps for example)
  • Update map file name on download (it will no longer rename it as map ID but will be base filename)
  • Created Exports (you can add this plugin as dependency, see below for supported methods)
  • Pressing enter on map ID input will load the map

Bug fixes:

  • Minor bug fixes
  • No longer checks the actual map if we're on map editor (#3)
  • Fix crash when we're disconnected from internet (#5)

Added Exports

  • ManiaExchange::ShowMapInfo(int MapID) - Will open the tab to the corresponding map with its ID

Full Changelog:


2 years ago

Download 1.0.2
  • Added track ID and map pack ID on information. And added possibility to copy to clipboard (#2)
  • Updated log with the new Openplanet logging update