A plugin by Greep

Downloads 10,145
Updated 14 days ago
Released 6 months ago
Created 6 months ago
Min. Openplanet 1.24.0
Game Trackmania
Game ManiaPlanet 4

Access your favorite maps directly from ManiaExchange, including packs and more!


  • A full list of all the maps
  • Play directly without downloading to your disk!
  • Customizable: enable or disable tabs you want.
  • Access to map packs
  • Online leaderboard included (for Trackmania 2020, from
  • A play later playlist, save all your maps and access them in 2 clicks anytime!
  • Possibility to download maps to your maps folder, so you can create club campaigns or rooms easily without alt-tabing
  • And many more!

Better Chat Commands:

Those commands are available in the game chat thanks to Better Chat. (Not required)

/mx | /maniaexchange - Will open the tab to the current map

/mx-page - Will open the ManiaExchange web page to the current map

/mx-tell-page - Will send a link to the ManiaExchange web page to the current map in the chat

/mx-awards - Will show the number of awards for the current map

/mx-tell-awards - Will send the number of awards for the current map in the chat

/mx-tell-plugin - Will send the ManiaExchange plugin info and download link in the chat


Welcome! The source code is available on Github


1.0.3 and up: check the "All versions and changelogs" page


  • Added track ID and map pack ID on information. And added possibility to copy to clipboard (#2)
  • Updated log with the new Openplanet logging update


  • Fixing new Leaderboard API
  • Fix crash if UserMapsFolder is invalid (#1)
  • Adapt image hover with game witdh
  • Added multiple map authors on map info


  • Hello world! ManiaExhange is out!


1.0.7 - 14 days ago

  • Fix for newest Openplent update
  • Added map pack downloads (#6)
  • Set plugin timeout to 0
  • Add Open website button
  • Added ShowMapPackInfo(int mapPackId) export
  • Added permission check on PlayMap

1.0.6 - 4 months ago

  • Fix duplicate crash

1.0.5 - 4 months ago

  • Updated Downloader backend to IO::FromUserGameFolder (this could suppress "Invalid Map Folder" sometimes)
  • Added Better Chat commands: List of commands are available on the Plugin page
  • Added Map Name on dropdown menu instead of "Current Map Information"

Full Changelog:

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