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Distance counter

Displays the number of meters or kilometers of your car since the start of the race, Trackmania² feeling.

Join Local Server by address

This plugin let you join any LAN server by typing its address and port.

ManiaExchange Random Map Picker

Takes randomly a map from ManiaExchange and plays it. Mandatory for the Random Map Challenge! No more files to download!


Reminds you in-game when Cup of the day and/or Super Royal starts

Load Map with URL

Loads and plays a map with its URL, works also for editor!


Access to maps, map packs and more from the ManiaExchange network.

Editor Camera Unlocker

Unlocks locked angles and zooms in editor. Forked from MosKi "old" version script

Horn Chooser

Unlocks the horn chooser from Maniaplanet to Trackmania 2020. Use your custom horn without changing your skin!

Net Stats

Get user-friendly details about your game client and server connections

Skid Marks Manager

Plugin to easily manage custom skid marks found by snixtho


The Speedrun Tool Plugin for TM2020, includes LiveSplit integration, map switcher and replay recorder

Replay Recorder

Saves automatically a replay file each time you cross the finish line


A speedometer for Trackmania, with different themes

Mood Switcher

Change the mood on map editor with a keybind

Sponsor Greep

You can support them via their sponsor page!

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