MLFeed: Race Data

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MLFeed: Race Data
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Game Trackmania

MLFeed: Race Data

This plugin provides other plugins with data about the current race. You might need to install it to make other plugins work.

Requires MLHook (you need to install that plugin too)

Please report performance issues! See bottom of page for who/where.

For Developers

Currently exposed data:

  • Sorted Player data
    • For each player: LatestCPTime, CPCount, Cached Previous CP Times, Spawn Status, Best Time, Best CP Times, Best Lap Times, Time Lost to Respawns (in total and per CP), NbRespawns
    • Sort methods
      • TimeAttack: sort by best time
      • Race: sorted by race leader
      • Race_Respawns: sorted by race leader, but updates ranking immediately when a player respawns to account for time-loss
  • Knockout data (for COTD / KO)
    • Per-Player Alive and DNF status
    • Total Rounds, Current Round, Alive Players, Number of KOs This Round, Next KO Milestone, Number of Players (originally)
  • The last record set by the current player
  • Ghost Data
    • Which ghosts have been loaded, the name of the ghost, and the ghost's checkpoint times.

Additional data exposure available upon request.

Using MLFeed: Race Data

Some plugins already using MLFeed:

Importing to your plugin

Include this in your info.toml file:

dependencies = ["MLHook", "MLFeedRaceData"] # need both

see also:

Usage: Getting started

Note: it is recommended that you use the Openplanet VSCode extension which will provide autocompletion and documentation for you when using MLFeed.

Main Entry Points

Several feeds are available that provide different information. The functions that provide the feeds are:

  • auto RaceData = MLFeed::GetRaceData_V2()
  • auto KoData = MLFeed::GetKoData()
  • auto GhostData = MLFeed::GetGhostData()

Full docs are below.

Upgrading to v0.4

See the upgrade guide:

Race Data Example

Main type: HookRaceStatsEventsBase_V2

Example usage: doing something on player respawn.

uint lastRespawnCount = 0;

void Update(float dt) {
    if (GetApp().CurrentPlayground is null) return;
    // Get race data and the local player
    auto RaceData = MLFeed::GetRaceData_V2();
    auto player = RaceData.GetPlayer_V2(MLFeed::LocalPlayersName);
    if (player is null) return;
    // check for respawns
    if (player.NbRespawnsRequested != lastRespawnCount) {
        lastRespawnCount = player.NbRespawnsRequested;
        if (lastRespawnCount != 0) {

void OnPlayerRespawn() {
    // do stuff

Docs at end

Usage: See Also

The Demo UIs available in (openplanet's) developer mode (via Scripts menu) & associated source code in the repo.

Exported functions (

Exported classes (

Example Usage - COTD Buffer Time

Example Usage - Race Stats

Example Optional Usage - List Players' PBs

Still curious about how to use something? Read the examples and use github search to find usages! Still not sure? Ask @XertroV on the Openplanet Discord

Boring Stuff

License: Public Domain

Authors: XertroV

Suggestions/feedback: @XertroV on Openplanet discord



MLFeed:: Docs

The main exposed functions will get you the feeds.

Those then give you access data to each player/ghost.

Functions, properties, and types are exposed under the MLFeed:: namespace.


GetGhostData -- const SharedGhostDataHook_V2@ GetGhostData()

Object exposing GhostInfos for each loaded ghost. This includes record ghosts loaded through the UI, and personal best ghosts. When a ghost is unloaded from a map, its info is not removed (it remains cached). Therefore, duplicate ghost infos may be recorded (though measures are taken to prevent this). The list is cleared on map change.

GetKoData -- const KoDataProxy@ GetKoData()

Your plugin's KoDataProxy@ that exposes KO round information, and each player's spawn info, and lists of players for each sorting method. You can call this function as often as you like -- it will always return the same proxy instance based on plugin ID.

GetRaceData_V2 -- const HookRaceStatsEventsBase_V2@ GetRaceData_V2()

GetRaceData_V3 -- const HookRaceStatsEventsBase_V3@ GetRaceData_V3()

Exposes checkpoint data, spawn info, and lists of players for each sorting method. You can call this function as often as you like. Backwards compatible with RaceDataProxy (except that it's a different type; properties/methods are the same, though.)


GameTime -- uint GameTime

The current server's GameTime, or 0 if not in a server

LocalPlayersName -- const string LocalPlayersName

returns the name of the local player, or an empty string if this is not yet known

MLFeed::HookRaceStatsEventsBase_V3 (class)

The main class used to access race data. It exposes 3 sorted lists of players, and general information about the map/race.


GetPlayer_V2 -- const PlayerCpInfo_V2@ GetPlayer_V2(const string &in name) const

GetPlayer_V3 -- const PlayerCpInfo_V3@ GetPlayer_V3(const string &in name) const

Get a player's info


CPCount -- uint CPCount

The number of checkpoints each lap. Linked checkpoints are counted as 1 checkpoint, and goal waypoints are not counted.

CPsToFinish -- uint CPsToFinish

The number of waypoints a player needs to hit to finish the race. In single lap races, this is 1 more than .CPCount.

CpCount -- uint CpCount

The number of checkpoints each lap. Linked checkpoints are counted as 1 checkpoint, and goal waypoints are not counted.

LapCount -- uint LapCount

The number of laps for this map.

LastRecordTime -- int LastRecordTime

When the player sets a new personal best, this is set to that time. Reset to -1 at the start of each map. Usage: if (lastRecordTime != RaceData.LastRecordTime) OnNewRecord();

Map -- const string Map

The map UID

SortedPlayers_Race -- const array<PlayerCpInfo_V2>@ SortedPlayers_Race

An array of PlayerCpInfo_V2s sorted by most checkpoints to fewest.

Note: cast to PlayerCpInfo_V3 to access BestLapTimes.

SortedPlayers_Race_Respawns -- const array<PlayerCpInfo_V2>@ SortedPlayers_Race_Respawns

An array of PlayerCpInfo_V2s sorted by most checkpoints to fewest, accounting for player respawns.

Note: cast to PlayerCpInfo_V3 to access BestLapTimes.

SortedPlayers_TimeAttack -- const array<PlayerCpInfo_V2>@ SortedPlayers_TimeAttack

An array of PlayerCpInfo_V2s sorted by best time to worst time.

Note: cast to PlayerCpInfo_V3 to access BestLapTimes.

SpawnCounter -- uint SpawnCounter

This increments by 1 each frame a player spawns. When players spawn simultaneously, their PlayerCpInfo.spawnIndex values are the same. This is useful for some sorting methods. This value is set to 0 on plugin load and never reset.

MLFeed::PlayerCpInfo_V3 (class)

Each's players status in the race, with a focus on CP related info.


ToString -- string ToString() const

Formatted as: "PlayerCpInfo(name, rr: 17, tr: 3, cp: 5 (0:43.231), Spawned, bt: 0:55.992)"


BestLapTimes -- const array<uint>@ BestLapTimes

this player's CP times for their best lap this session

BestRaceTimes -- const array<uint>@ BestRaceTimes

this player's CP times for their best performance this session (since the map loaded)

BestTime -- int BestTime

The player's best time this session

CpCount -- int CpCount

How many CPs that player currently has

CpTimes -- const array<int>@ CpTimes

The CP times of that player (including the 0th cp at the 0th index; which will always be 0)

CurrentRaceTime -- int CurrentRaceTime

This player's CurrentRaceTime with latency taken into account

CurrentRaceTimeRaw -- int CurrentRaceTimeRaw

This player's CurrentRaceTime without accounting for latency

IsLocalPlayer -- bool IsLocalPlayer

whether this player corresponds to the physical player playing the game

IsSpawned -- bool IsSpawned

Whether the player is spawned

LastCpOrRespawnTime -- int LastCpOrRespawnTime

Player's last CP time OR their last respawn time if it is greater

LastCpTime -- int LastCpTime

Player's last CP time as on their chronometer

LastRespawnCheckpoint -- uint LastRespawnCheckpoint

the last checkpoint that the player respawned at

LastRespawnRaceTime -- uint LastRespawnRaceTime

the last time this player respawned (measure against CurrentRaceTime)

LastTheoreticalCpTime -- int LastTheoreticalCpTime

get the last CP time of the player minus time lost to respawns

Name -- const string Name

The player's name

NbRespawnsRequested -- uint NbRespawnsRequested

number of times the player has respawned

RaceRank -- uint RaceRank

The player's rank as measured in a race (when all players would spawn at the same time).

RaceRespawnRank -- uint RaceRespawnRank

The player's rank as measured in a race (when all players would spawn at the same time), accounting for respawns.

SpawnIndex -- uint SpawnIndex

The spawn index when the player spawned

SpawnStatus -- SpawnStatus SpawnStatus

The players's spawn status: NotSpawned, Spawning, or Spawned

StartTime -- uint StartTime

when the player spawned (measured against GameTime)

TaRank -- uint TaRank

The player's rank as measured in Time Attack (one more than their index in RaceData.SortedPlayers_TimeAttack)

TheoreticalRaceTime -- int TheoreticalRaceTime

get the current race time of this player minus time lost to respawns

TimeLostToRespawnByCp -- const array<int>@ TimeLostToRespawnByCp

The time lost due to respawning at each CP

TimeLostToRespawns -- uint TimeLostToRespawns

the amount of time the player has lost due to respawns in total since the start of their current race/attempt

latencyEstimate -- float latencyEstimate

an estimate of the latency in ms between when a player passes a checkpoint and when we learn about it

name -- string name

The player's name

MLFeed::SpawnStatus (enum)

The spawn status of a player.

  • NotSpawned
  • Spawning
  • Spawned

MLFeed::KoDataProxy (class)

Main source of information about KO rounds. Proxy for the internal type KoFeed::HookKoStatsEvents.


GetPlayerState -- const KoPlayerState@ GetPlayerState(const string &in name) const

Get a player's MLFeed::KoPlayerState. It has only 3 properties: name, isAlive, and isDNF.


Division -- int Division

The current division number. (Note: possibly inaccurate. Use with caution.)

GameMode -- const string GameMode

The current game mode, e.g., TM_KnockoutDaily_Online, or TM_TimeAttack_Online, etc.

KOsMilestone -- int KOsMilestone

KOs per round will change when the number of players is <= KOsMilestone.

KOsNumber -- int KOsNumber

KOs per round.

Map -- const string Map

The current map UID

MapRoundNb -- int MapRoundNb

The current round number for this map.

MapRoundTotal -- int MapRoundTotal

The total number of rounds for this map.

Players -- const array<string> Players

A string[] of player names. It includes all players in the KO round, even if they've left.

PlayersNb -- int PlayersNb

The number of players participating.

RoundNb -- int RoundNb

The round number over all maps. (I think)

RoundTotal -- int RoundTotal

The total number of rounds over all maps. (I think)

MLFeed::KoPlayerState (class)

A player's state in a KO match


isAlive -- bool isAlive

Whether the player is still 'in'; false implies they have been knocked out.

isDNF -- bool isDNF

Whether the player DNF'd or not. This is set to false the round after that player DNFs.

name -- string name

The player's name.

MLFeed::SharedGhostDataHook_V2 (class)

Provides access to ghost info. This includes record ghosts loaded through the UI, and personal best ghosts. When a ghost is unloaded from a map, its info is not removed (it remains cached). Therefore, duplicate ghost infos may be recorded (though measures are taken to prevent this). V2 adds .IsLocalPlayer and .IsPersonalBest properties to GhostInfo objects.


Ghosts_V2 -- const array<MLFeed::GhostInfo_V2> Ghosts_V2

Array of GhostInfo_V2s

NbGhosts -- uint NbGhosts

Number of currently loaded ghosts

MLFeed::GhostInfo_V2 (class)

Information about a currently loaded ghost.


Checkpoints -- const array<uint>@ Checkpoints


IdName -- const string IdName


IdUint -- uint IdUint

Should be equiv to Ghost.Id.Value (experimental)

IsLocalPlayer -- bool IsLocalPlayer

Whether this is the local player (sitting at this computer)

IsPersonalBest -- bool IsPersonalBest

Whether this is a PB ghost (named: 'Personal best')

Nickname -- const string Nickname


Result_Score -- int Result_Score


Result_Time -- int Result_Time



0.5.16 - 2 months ago

  • Add .RequestsSpectate on player
  • Add .WarmupActive and .WarmupEndTime on RaceData

0.5.15 - 6 months ago

add to Player class:

  • uint[]@ NbRespawnsByCp a count of respawns by CP
  • uint[]@ RespawnTimes array of the players respawn times
  • bool PlayerIsRacing if the player is spawned and has not finished
  • bool Eliminated if the player is not spawned and has not finished (indicates a DNF on teams, KO, etc)

0.5.14 - 7 months ago

  • Fix lap detection when a map has LapCount = 0 set (hides Lap 1/1 when using a multilap in a map; affects TOTD 2023-12-10)

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