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Updated 1 year ago
Released 2 years ago
Created 2 years ago
Numeric ID 199
Min. Openplanet 1.25.0
Game Trackmania

Depecated: I plan to rewrite the plugin for a newest version later on

This plugin requires the PlayerState plugin

This plugin is mandatory for your speedruns on the game campaigns, it includes an integration with LiveSplit to calculate IGT, a map switcher, and a replays recorder with logs for verification to speedrun moderators.

This plugin was created in collaboration with Rastats. You can find the souce code here

First-time setup

On your LiveSplit splits editor, check that the "Openplanet plugin for IGT calculation" is activated (if there's an error, ignore it, just close and open the splits editor).

Then check the settings with LiveSplit integration, espetially the "port" field, should be 16934 by default.

Then restart the LiveSplit client on the plugin settings. If you've done it correctly, it's connected!

If the plugin still can't connect to LiveSplit, you can contact me on Discord

Tutorial video by Rastats

My sub-game does not have the "Openplanet plugin" thingy, what can I do?

Download the LiveSplit Server Plugin here, then put it on your LiveSplit\Components path. After that, open LiveSplit and open the Layout editor, then you can add the Plugin on it (It's located on Control>LiveSplit Server for Trackmania, see image). You can restart the LiveSplit client after that


List of known sub-games that LiveSplit does not have the Openplanet plugin listed on it:

Thanks to Rastats for the beta-testing and feedbacks!


1.0.7 - 1 year ago

  • Added Community Speedrun category (only for Club access)
  • Updated home tab TMSR icon
  • Update deprecated icons
  • Add Nsgr's Chaos Mode as speedrun mode (optional dependency)

1.0.6 - 1 year ago

  • Fix Livesplit timer nor start when using split at certain medal (Fix for AT hunt)

1.0.5 - 1 year ago

  • Fix crash on stop speedrun

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