Ticker - Campaign/TotD records, CotD countdown, FPS, and more!

A plugin by MisfitMaid(Trusted developer)

Ticker - Campaign/TotD records, CotD countdown, FPS, and more!
Downloads 1,834
Updated 18 days ago
Released 1 year ago
Created 1 year ago
Numeric ID 332
Min. Openplanet 1.26.23
Game Trackmania

Ticker adds a scrolling bar at the bottom of the screen (by default) that shows the latest campaign and TotD records (powered by trackmania.io, along with helpful essentials such as framerate, a clock, and a ping-o-meter.

Plugin developers! It's easy to add your information to Ticker - see this plugin for an example of the API in use.


0.2.4 - 18 days ago

  • Update sort function syntax for new Openplanet
  • Update StripFormatCodes out of global namespace and into Text namespace

0.2.3 - 1 year ago

Hotfix: Cheated runs subsequently removed by Nadeo were causing weirdness with the API. This patch adds simple filtering to the campaign records provider to account for this.

0.2.2 - 1 year ago

Changes default behavior of showOnHiddenOverlay because i guess most people dont play with the F3 menu always on? idk

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