Trackmania Bingo (Beta)

A plugin by TheGeekid

Trackmania Bingo (Beta)
Downloads 535
Updated 2 months ago
Released 5 months ago
Created 5 months ago
Numeric ID 410
Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game Trackmania

New versions of Trackmania Bingo are tested here. If you wish to join the beta program, please get in touch and join the Trackmania Bingo Discord server.


4.0.5-beta (2023-09-21) - 2 months ago

Final 4.0 beta: extra settings and daily challenge improvements!

4.0.4-beta (2023-09-07) - 3 months ago

New beta for the daily challenge mode!

4.0.3-beta (2023-09-01) - 3 months ago

Work in progress on a new mode. Bug fixes and UI changes.

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