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Twitch Base
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There's 3 fields in the Settings you need to fill out before you can use this. First of all, you need to know what Twitch account you want to connect to chat with. This can be your main account, but also a secondary "bot" account.

  • Enter the name of that account in the "Nickname" field
  • Enter the list of channels you want to join (can be multiple using ,) in the "Channel" field
  • Go to and login with the account you want to use, and copypaste the token you will get into the "OAuth Token" field. (Include the oauth: part!) - TREAT THIS TOKEN LIKE YOUR TWITCH PASSWORD!

Reload the plugin and you're set! 👏


This plugin offers a system for other plugins to get new messages from the Twitch IRC API. Using the TLS socket feature of Openplanet, this plugin supports:

  • setting up Twitch IRC API connection and managing it (obviously)
  • multiple stream chats on one connection
  • filtering message types and making it able for plugins to only subscribe to some of them (using shared classes / enums)
  • sending messages / whispers to twitch chats
  • and more useful stuff I probably forgot mentioning!

You can use the Twitch Chat Inspector to see what is getting sent out when you use this base. There's also the Twitch Chat Viewer as some sort of tech-demo :D


You should find all you need in as that defines all the functions you will use. In, you can find all the custom structures that are used.

Missing something? Want to leave feedback? Feel free to message me on Discord or Twitter or idk, DMs are open :)



2.0.2 - 2 years ago

  • Removed "[Twitch]" prefix as the context is now shown in the log
  • Fixed abandoning socket process due to timeout (previously, the connection was held anyway but since the API always responded this never resulted in a failed connection in the first place)
  • Now telling the user to view the setup guide on the download page if nothing was done yet

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