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Twitch Chat Bot Renewed

Twitch Chat Bot Renewed is a plugin that will send information regarding maps, server, link to the map, personal best times and checkpoints to a database that you can access from your Stream Platform (Streamlabs, Streamelements or anything else).
You can also configure every field with custom messages.


Put the files in your OpenPlanet directory which is located here:


So that it looks like this:

├─ TwitchChatBot.op



You will need to register with your Ubisoft account (the same as your Trackmania account otherwise it won't work) by clicking on:
Scripts > Twitch Chat Bot > Authenticate

This will open a new browser window where you will need to log into your Ubisoft account.
Once connected, you will land on a page that will display your key.
⚠ Make sure to not lose your key!

Once you got your key, you'll need to input it on the Twitch Chat Bot Renewed settings page:
Openplanet > Settings > Twitch Chat Bot Renewed > General > Key

If everything worked, you'll see a notification telling you that you are connected. You can double-check by going into:
Scripts > Twitch Chat Bot > Active (if Active is checked then it's good)

You can change the Formatting to either Fixed or Custom.
⚠ You can only select Custom if you have filled in all the fields in the Strings tab.

List of all Fixed strings:

  • On a map: ⏩ I am currently playing {name} by {author}.
  • Not on a map: ⚠ I am currently not in a map.
  • On a server: ⏩ I am currently playing on {name} ({nbr_player}/{max_player}).
  • Not on a server: ⚠ I am currently not on a server.
  • Personal best: ⏩ My current pb is {pb}s.
  • No personal best: ⚠ I don't have a pb on that map.
  • TMX URL: ⏩ Map URL: {url}
  • Map not found on TMX: ⚠ Map not found on TMX.
  • Checkpoint: ⏩ Current CP: {crt_cp}/{max_cp}.


You can enable or disable specific commands. Disabling a command means that the relevant information will not be sent to the server anymore.


You can configure every string that will be posted in the chat.

You will have variables available for every command:

  • Map:
    • {name} - map name
    • {author} - map author
    • {author_time} - map author time
  • Server:
    • {name} - server name
    • {nbr_player} - current player count
    • {max_player} - number of slots of the current server
  • Personal best time:
    • {pb} - personal best time
  • URL:
    • {url} - map URL on TMX
  • Checkpoint:
    • {crt_cp} - current CP
    • {max_cp} - number of CPs on the map

You can place these variables wherever you want inside the String fields.

Note: You can paste emojis from outside Openplanet. They will be displayed as ? but will be interpreted correctly in chat.


Once properly configured, just launch Trackmania and it should connect to the server automatically.

You become inactive once you close Trackmania or you manually uncheck the Active button.
Once you are inactive, the API will answer with either your predefined message or a fixed one:
⚠ I am not active.

Stream Platform

To use this plugin on your preferred stream platform, add a new command with the prefix that you want and add an API request to:

Streamlabs Chatbot:

Streamlabs Cloudbot:







  • Type
    • map
    • server
    • pb
    • url
    • cp
  • Username: Your Trackmania username
  • Private key: Your private key that has been given to you while authenticating

What's different between this plugin and my old plugin "Twitch Chat Bot"

Twitch Chat Bot was using Nsgr Twitch Base as a dependency, so it was still using the old plugin format. It was also working in a completely different way. It was connecting to the chat and was listening to any new messages, and answered as the streamer (ex: bmx22c) in the chat, instead of going through Streamlabs or something similar.
This Twitch Chat Bot Renewed is more of a bridge between a database and Streamlabs than a bot in itself.

Known bugs

  • The !pb command bugged when entering COTD servers. I need to figure out why the plugin doesn't send information.

Legal Notice

While logging in with your Ubisoft account, I will only get your Ubisoft username and account ID.
All stored keys are hashed.
If you want me to remove your data from the database, just send me a message on Discord with your Trackmania username: bmx22c#0001.

Special thanks

Thanks to PHLARX for the CP counter (Prayge one day we'll be able to use other plugins functions)
Thanks to tooInfinite for the help on the Trackmania API
Thanks to Miss for the server information (YOINKED it from the Discord script)


Pull requests are welcome on this repo. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.





  • Added {author_time} variable to the map section as requested


  • Fixed notifications spam
  • Fixed server info not updating
  • Fixed server kick not updating the status
  • Sending map UID for upcoming update
  • Code cleaning


Initial release