Ultrawide UI Fix

A plugin by Dan_VQ

Ultrawide UI Fix
Downloads 3,365
Updated 2 months ago
Released 3 years ago
Created 3 years ago
Numeric ID 76
Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game Trackmania

This plugin fixes the in-game UI of Trackmania 2020 for aspect ratios wider than 16:9 by moving the UI elements back to the edge of the screen. Elements that appear while not driving are not the focus of this plugin, but MRs for them are certainly welcome. A fix for the animated main screen is provided by the Menu Background Chooser plugin by XertroV.

Supported UI elements

  • Chat (FrameChat)
  • Network problem icon (QuadNetworkProblem)
  • Hotseat mode player times (HotSeat_InGame)
  • Countdown (Race_Countdown)
  • Messages in the top left (Race_DisplayMessage)
  • Lap counter (Race_LapsCounter)
  • Slide out medal banner (Race_Record)
  • Records (Race_Record)
  • Respawn & Give up prompts (Race_RespawnHelper)
  • Spectator mode picker (Race_SpectatorBase)
  • Checkpoint times (Race_TimeGap)
  • Warmup information (Race_WarmUp)
  • Small score table (Rounds_SmallScoresTable)
  • Best & previous times (TimeAttack_BestRaceViewer)
  • COTD
    • Qualification information (COTDQualifications_QualificationsProgress)
    • Qualification results (COTDQualifications_Ranking)
    • Knockout results (Knockout_KnockoutInfo)
  • Royal
    • Recently finished players (Royal_FinishFeed)
    • Team ranking (Royal_LiveRanking)
    • Restart prompt (Royal_RespawnHelper)
    • Team results (Royal_TeamScore)
  • Ranked
    • Player positions and points (Teams_Matchmaking_LiveRanking)

Not supported

How to use this plugin

  • Trackmania 2020 with Openplanet installed is required
  • Search for Ultrawide UI Fix in the Plugin Manager
  • Alternatively, download the plugin from its Openplanet plugin page and place it Openplanet's Plugins directory

Source code

The source code of this plugin is available on GitLab under the MIT license.

Bugs & issues

If you run into any bugs or issues, report them in the issue tracker.

Exported function for use by other plugins

If you're writing a plugin of your own and want to support ultrawide aspect ratios, you can retrieve the current UI shift value (the amount of units the UI element should be moved/expanded by) as a float from this plugin:

# info.toml
version = '1.0.0'

optional_dependencies = ['UltrawideUIFix']
// main.as
void Render() {
  UI::Text('Not ultrawide');



4.1.2 - 2 months ago

  • fixed crash that could occur when the plugin was called before its initialization

4.1.1 - 2 months ago

  • fixed wrong identifier being used for exported function

4.1.0 - 2 months ago

  • the plugin now exports a function to retrieve the current UI shift value for use by other plugins

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