Linux compatibility

Openplanet for Trackmania and Maniaplanet is reported to work perfectly fine with Wine. To make it run properly, you need to add dinput8 to the list of DLL overrides. If you are using pure Wine, you can do it through winecfg under the Libraries tab, adding dinput8 so that it's listed as a "native, builtin" library.

If you're using Lutris, you have to add the override in the "Runner options" tab of the game properties, like in this screenshot:

If you're playing on Steam using Proton, you'll have to follow some different steps. Right click the game in Steam and go to Properties. Select Launch Options, and type in: WINEDLLOVERRIDES="dinput8=n,b" %command% this will make the game start with the hook ready to be loaded.

For Trackmania, you might need to have Wine 6.1 (or Lutris 6.1) or up, as 5.x doesn't always properly copy the library needed to load hooks.

You might have to install the VC runtime into Proton's game wineprefix as well. To do that, you can either use Protontricks, or do something like the following:

# Change the AppID 228760 (TM2 Canyon) if needed
export WINEPREFIX=~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/228760/pfx

# Change the Proton version 5.0 if needed
export WINEPATH="~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton 5.0/dist/bin/wine64"

wine ~/Downloads/VC_redist.x64.exe

Note 1: If you install the VC redist in Proton's game wineprefix, you'll likely have to re-do it again when the game updates on Steam.

Note 2: I don't officially provide support for Linux/Wine, but I'm willing to help troubleshoot if you run into any issues.

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