The global namespace.

ImGui bindings.

NanoVG bindings.

Playback of sounds.

Third party API authentication.

Cryptography and hashing routines.

Limited drawing functions.

Game files and folders.

Filesystem input/output.

Json deserialization and serialization.

Math functions and structures.

Networking and sockets.

Trackmania permission checks.

Regular expressions.

SQLite database access.

Openplanet's settings.

Testing suite utilities.

Text parsing and formatting.

Date and time.

XML deserialization.

Static functions for the mat3 class.

Static functions for the mat4 class.

Static functions for the string class.

Info about game classes and members.

Discord rich presence.

Openplanet meta plugin API.

Loading external functions from DLL's.

Advanced memory access.

Functions for builtin plugin use only.

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