(Twitch Controls) Chaos Mode

A plugin by Nsgr(Trusted developer)

(Twitch Controls) Chaos Mode
Downloads 1,523
Updated 3 months ago
Released 2 years ago
Created 2 years ago
Numeric ID 195
Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game Trackmania

A year after my first announcement of this, I finally have a playable and clean "Beta" version of a chaos randomizer in Trackmania!

Main features include:

  • 31 random effects to make your life worse or better! (some have variations)
  • Making a run by selecting Maps!
  • Choosing which effects you get in your run!
  • Let your Twitch chat decide which effect comes next! (requires TwitchBase)
  • Multiplayer! (Needs server with a script set up)
  • Being able to play a RMC run with absolute Chaos in it! (requires MXRandom)
  • Heavy customization in the Settings!

If you have more crazy effect ideas for me to implement, dont hesistate to suggest them to me via Discord, Twitter, etc.!


1.1.1 - 3 months ago

  • Remove "Fake Gamecrash" effect because it was broken due to a recent update :(

1.1.0 - 6 months ago

  • Add new "Freeplay" gamemode where you can bind effects to keys that you can trigger manually!
  • Add a setting for proportional voting!
  • Update for recent script changes

1.0.10 - 1 year ago

  • Remove "Fake Mapskip" effect as the podium sequence mechanics changed
  • Adjust action key effect for action key update

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