Openplanet meta plugin API.

Information about a plugin's setting.

Information about an Openplanet plugin.

An index of plugin information that can be sorted by its dependency tree.

An item in a PluginIndex.

A coroutine for a plugin.

Gets the currently executing plugin.

Returns Meta::Plugin@

Gets all plugins that are loaded.

Gets the identifiers of all unloaded plugins. Note that this function may be slow!

Gets a plugin from its site ID, if set.

Returns Meta::Plugin@

Loads a plugin into memory from the given absolute path and returns a handle to the plugin.

Returns Meta::Plugin@

Queues a plugin to be unloaded from memory completely. Note that this will invalidate the plugin object passed in on the next frame! Do not use the Plugin handle after calling this!

Forces Openplanet to save its settings immediately. Normally this happens on game shutdown or when the settings window is closed. You should not have to call this function unless you know you really need to!

Returns true if developer mode is currently enabled.

Returns bool

Returns the current version of Openplanet.

Returns string

Returns the current date of Openplanet's build.

Returns string

Returns the current build info of Openplanet's build.

Returns string

Immediately terminates the game process. This is the same as clicking "Exit" in the Openplanet menu.

The type of plugin.

Where this plugin is loaded from.

The type of this setting variable.

Execution context for a coroutine.