Newest plugins


By JailMan

Make your cars g(r)ay

Plugin Profiles

By Ezio(Trusted developer)

Enable/disable customizable sets of plugins at a time

MLE Match Data Recorder

By mrdonovannn

A plugin used by MLE to generate an exportable file containing match results for league series.

Edit Any Item

By XertroV(Trusted developer)

Allows you to edit any item. Can crash the game if you try and edit the wrong things (like vehicles in mp4)


By Mystixor

Displays the precise finish time of a race accurate to ~4 nanoseconds. Live races and Replay Validation supported

Friends Leaderboard

By willgundee

Allows you to show a leaderboard with only selected user

ManiaLink Saver

By Ezio(Trusted developer)

Plugin for saving ManiaLinks to read later

Editor Route

By Wambo

Shows visualizations of recorded runs from Test Mode and Track Validation runs in Map Editor.

Random Favorites

By Ezio(Trusted developer)

Lets you play a random map from your favorites

Season Changer

By NaNInf

Change the season in Trackmania's music and menus

Valley 32x32 Warp Fix

By Zai

Fixes the 32x32 warp in Valley being invisible