Newest plugins


By fentras LABS

Attach external haptic devices to vehicle parameters (RPM, speed, gear, etc.) and monitor their states.


By jeFFeSS

Need a little break? Start the screensaver by going to the OpenPlanet menu > Scripts > Start Screensaver

Menu Background Reflections

By XertroV

This plugin allows you to customize the reflection of the car and background in the main menu.

Refresh Leaderboard

By nbeerten

Refresh the leaderboard at the click of a button

Unclaimed Checkpoint Indicator

By ArEyeses

Displays a dot on every checkpoint that has not been taken

Champion Medals

By NaNInf

Add a fifth medal to TM2020.

Menu Background Chooser

By XertroV

Allows modifying the main menu's background. Custom URLs, any of the 4 times of day (morning, day, evening, and night), and TMX monthly backgrounds are supported.

Replays Enhanced

By Mebe12

Plugin automatically changes replay name to display thousandths and relocates replay to folders depending on which environment is loaded and other various options.


By Beu

Find Blocks & Items placed at the same position

Tweaker Preview

By fentras LABS

[Preview Version] Modify in-game hidden settings and boost the performance!

COTD HUD and Explorer (Public Beta)

By XertroV

Shows division cutoffs+ favorited players' times + histogram during qualifier, and allows browsing of past COTD qualifier and division results, along with some utilities.

Pitch Music Modifier

By Sapi

Give you the opportunity to change the pitch of the music at any time