Newest plugins

Better Camera Bindings

By Hydrophob

Allows you to create custom bindings to switch driving cameras with your controller.

Vehicle unlock

By Dommy(Trusted developer)

Allows playing and creating maps in Nadeo base titles that use a vehicle different from what the base title enforces.

Improve at TM

By druduche

Generates personalized goal times on tracks to help you improve at TM.

Duck Medals

By Mebe12

With the completion of the 'Riolu Duck' in maniaplanet by the community, this plugin adds an extra medal for players to show or achieve. The medal is achieved by beating riolu's PB for that map.

Reactor Duration

By ar.....

Shows the duration of a reactor, it's not 100% acurate, but it's close enough in most cases...

Camera Toggle

By XertroV(Trusted developer)

Bind a controller button to toggle between cam1 and cam2 (or whatever two cams you want)

Show Controls

By chips(Trusted developer)

Display all the controls

Data Gatherer for Reinforcement Learning

By Palamabron

Plugin for sending state information to a socket for reinforcement learning. (tmrl)

Current Surfaces

By Ezio414

Displays which surface each wheel is touching

COTD Qualification Grapher

By sergeant-bigbird(Trusted developer)

See Full Qualification Data for Every COTD!


By Beu(Trusted developer)

Small plugin to move the countdown


By Ezio414

Tracks records on your uploaded maps.