Newest plugins

Twitch Checkpoint Titler

By fu5ha

Automatically updates your Twitch stream title with the current checkpoint you're playing for RPG or trials maps.

Deep Dip But

By Zarixon

Deep Dip but every time you fall a DVD gets added.

Map karma

By Monkeypac

This plugin allows catching map votes from both game chat and twitch chat.

BetterChat Translator

By huhen

Translates chat messages


By Zarixon

Show the player height and number of falls on screen. Good for Tower climbing maps.

No F3

By ArEyeses

Blocks F3 presses.

Twitch CP Plugin

By rolaca11

Updates Twitch title to the current CP

Twitch Chat Bot Renewed

By bmx22c

Twitch Chat Bot Renewed is a plugin that will send information regarding maps, server, link to the map, personal best times and checkpoints to a database that you can access from your Stream Platform (Streamlabs, Streamelements or anything ...

Twitch Plays

By Nsgr

Let your Twitch chat play Trackmania tracks for you!

Editor UI Toolbox

By XertroV

Rescale the Editor UI, auto-hide the inventory, and other fun features.

Split History

By SatanicTriangle

Show split times history for analysis after run

Trackmania Bingo

By TheGeekid

Race against your friends to be the first team to complete a Bingo board!