Recently updated plugins

Skid Marks Manager

By Greep

Plugin to easily manage custom skid marks found by snixtho

PlayerState Info

By thommie

This plugin gives you easy access to the player's current state, whether they're in countdown, driving, just finished or passed a new checkpoint. No need to get this info every time yourself anymore!


By Greep

The Speedrun Tool Plugin for TM2020, includes LiveSplit integration, map switcher and replay recorder

Too Many Players

By snixtho_

Tired of scrolling through the fast moving leaderboards to spectate someone? No more!

Ultimate Medals

By Phlarx

A widget to display your PB and all the medals for a track!For TM2020, Turbo, and MP4.

Best Checkpoints

By MostlyADuck

Quickly compare your fastest times between checkpoints

Favorite Tracks

By tamaaa

List your favorite tracks in a clear sheet and have the possibility to jump around these tracks with just one click.

Advanced Free Block Mode

By schl3ck

A utility tool to place blocks pixel perfect in the free block mode in any possible rotation.

Editor Helpers

By skybaks

Enhancements and Helpers for the Map Editor

Split Speeds

By RuteNL

Show speed difference to your PB at checkpoint splits.


By RuteNL

Access items and sets from ItemExchange in game, and import them into the editor without having to restart the game!

ManiaExchange Button

By Nsgr

Get a button to view the current map on MX!