Recently updated plugins

Twitch Checkpoint Titler

By fu5ha

Automatically updates your Twitch stream title with the current checkpoint you're playing for RPG or trials maps.

Buffer Time; Checkpoint Alternative for COTD, TA, KO, Campaign

By XertroV

An alternative to checkpoints; shows Buffer Time compared to a reference. In COTD / KO, it shows how far you are from elimination. In TA / Solo, the reference is a ghost of your choosing, your PB, etc, and a secondary timer is available.


By Zarixon

Show the player height and number of falls on screen. Good for Tower climbing maps.

Map karma

By Monkeypac

This plugin allows catching map votes from both game chat and twitch chat.

Trackmania Bingo

By TheGeekid

Race against your friends to be the first team to complete a Bingo board!

Champion Medals

By NaNInf

Add a fifth medal to TM2020.

Shootmania Obstacle Physics Display

By Miltant

Display on screen and record physics variables thanks to an easy but flexible system of placeholders.

Deep Dip But

By Zarixon

Deep Dip but every time you fall a DVD gets added.

Replays Enhanced

By Mebe12

Plugin automatically changes replay name to display thousandths and relocates replay to folders depending on which environment is loaded and other various options.

BetterChat Translator

By huhen

Translates chat messages


By chips


No F3

By ArEyeses

Blocks F3 presses.