Recently updated plugins

Extra leaderboard positions

By Banalian

Allow you to see how far (or close) you are from different positions.

Medals Editor

By XertroV

Easily edit medal times in the advanced map editor.

Rescale Pause Menu

By XertroV

Rescales the pause menu for ppl who sit too close to their screens.

Shadowless Chrono

By XertroV

Disables the chrono's shadow

STM Ghost Inject

By Mebe12

Plugin allows downloaded ghosts from the Trackmania Turbo leaderboard to be swapped with the STM ghost for that selected map. You can have multiple active at once on different maps and remove at any time!


By chips


No BlockHelper Background

By XertroV

Removes the background behind the 'turbo', 'engine off', 'reset', etc, messages.

Ghost Sync

By XertroV

Sync's active ghosts to your current checkpoint whenever you pass through one or respawn.

Champion Medals

By NaNInf

Add a fifth medal to TM2020.

Ultimate Medals

By Phlarx

A widget to display your PB and all the medals for a track!For TM2020, Turbo, and MP4.

Checkpoint Counter

By Phlarx

Checkpoint Counter, it counts your checkpoints.For TM2020, Turbo, and MP4.

Map Info

By MisfitMaid

Get info and handy links for the map you're playing