Recently updated plugins

Altered WR Notifier

By akxcv

Sends notifications to Altered Nadeo's Discord whenever a new WR is set

Action Key Piano

By TheArcadion

Plays a piano note every time an action key is pressed!

s314ke Medals

By Mattynator0

Champion Medals inspired plugin for easily comparing your PB and s314ke's PB.

Discord Rivalry Ping

By Lokulicious

Sends a message to Discord if you pass people on the club leaderboards.

Split Speeds

By RuteNL

Show speed difference to your PB at checkpoint splits.

Auto Enable Specific Ghosts

By ar.....

This plugin automatically loads the specified ghost for the current map.

Royal Hub

By Gr1sen

A plugin for Royal training and events

PB Recorder

By titisee5

Saves the replay of every personal best.

Modless Skids

By XertroV(Trusted developer)

Replace default skids with custom ones -- compatible with mods

Target Medal

By Ezio(Trusted developer)

Notifies you when a target medal/time is achieved

SBVille Challenges

By Soppa

Display and keep track of Challenges and PBs on SBVille's Challenge maps and campaigns