Popular plugins

Ultimate Medals

By Phlarx

A widget to display your PB and all the medals for a track!For TM2020, Turbo, and MP4.


By Miss

Display a bunch of vehicle information on screen.

ManiaExchange Random Map Picker

By Greep

Takes randomly a map from ManiaExchange and plays it. Mandatory for the Random Map Challenge! No more files to download!

Checkpoint Counter

By Phlarx

Checkpoint Counter, it counts your checkpoints.For TM2020, Turbo, and MP4.

AFK Queue Tool

By Nsgr

Do anything you want while waiting for your match! Includes ranking, squadding and more!

Split Speeds

By RuteNL

Show speed difference to your PB at checkpoint splits.


By fentras LABS

Modify in-game hidden settings and boost the performance!

No-Respawn Timer

By AnfR82

Helps to know the time you can get with a perfect run (without respawn)


By Greep

Access to maps, map packs and more from the ManiaExchange network.

Grinding Stats

By Drek

Displays stats that are useful for grinding. Such as time played on the map, number of resets and finishes, ect.Supports TM2020, MP and Turbo

Ghost Scrubber

By boofat

Allows you to seek ghosts while playing and view your current run. Only works in Solo mode.

Better Chat

By Miss

Complete in-game chat replacement.