Featured plugins

Dips++ (official Deep Dip 2 plugin)

By XertroV(Trusted developer)

The official Deep Dip 2 accopanyment plugin.

Trackmania Bingo

By TheGeekid

Race against your friends to be the first team to complete a Bingo board!

Better Chat

By Miss(Trusted developer)

Complete in-game chat replacement.

Better Loading Screen

By nightwolf93

Allow to have a fancy loading screen with dynamic image that promote mappers, events etc...

Editor Helpers

By skybaks

Enhancements and Helpers for the Map Editor


By RuteNL

Access items and sets from ItemExchange in game, and import them into the editor without having to restart the game!

Editor++ (E++)

By XertroV(Trusted developer)

Powerful & extensible toolbox for the Advanced Editor.

Download Indicator

By Nsgr(Trusted developer)

A user-friendly overview of what's going on in the background while you are playing!

Advanced Free Block Mode

By schl3ck

A utility tool to place blocks pixel perfect in the free block mode in any possible rotation.

Lightmap Quality

By Beu(Trusted developer)

Manage the quality of the light map block by block

Better Room Manager

By XertroV(Trusted developer)

Administer Club Rooms: save/load presets, add random maps, set hidden script options, and more.


By TeamDojo

Companion plugin for tmdojo.com. Record and analyze your runs.